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Adrenaline Junkie and Rush Seeker

You are a rush seeking adrenaline junkie. Made for the man who tames cobras and lights a cigar from the edge of an active volcano. You shake hands with fear and scoff at routine.


Perla P 3 ¾" x 56

Adventurer and Discoverer Nomad

You are an adventurer and discoverer of worlds. You dropped out of a helicopter with two things, calloused hands and a Perla. The only bear hug you'll participate in, is with an actual bear.





Perla M 4 ¾" x 52

The Don Juan

You are a Don Juan, the true seducer of women. You stormed and robbed the castle, seduced the princess, and still got the kings blessing. Common reactions from women around you are drooling, fainting and trial separation.




Perla G 6 ¼" x 54

The Ultimate Bro

You are a King. The Ultimate Bro. Just Damn Impressive. You don't sleep… at best they're long blinks. Death had a near-you experience. Your only problem with cigars is the lack of protein. You don’t just celebrate life, life celebrates you.




Perla TG 6" x 60